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Justin Paul

Justin Paul is an internationally acclaimed DJ, Record Producer, and the co-founder of Underground Sol Playloop Music. His success is attested to more than his DJ performances and producing; it is for his contribution to the global music scene via Playloop Records, and helping to empower The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) artist collective around the world. 

Justin Paul is known for being musically eclectic and his keen ability to connect with the audience on an emotional and spiritual level. This has given rise to him getting booked to play at some of the nations most elite clubs, concerts and festivals (2000+ DJ performances). Justin Paul has shared the stage with the likes of AIR, Bassnectar, Beats Antique, Deadmau5, Disco Biscuits, Josh Wink, King BrittLCD Soundsystem, Nick Warren, OrbitalProdigy, Rusko, SquarepusherThievery Corporation, Trentemøller, Zero 7 and many more.  Justin Paul and Playloop’s music and remixes are featured by Beatport, DanceTracksDigital, DJ Times, Global Sessions BBC radioiTunesJunoResident Advisor and by DJs around the world.  

Since launching the Playloop Music brand in 2006, Justin Paul has executive produced and managed over fifty releases for the label. He also produced hundreds of club events, concerts, festivals and stages over the last decade. Playloop artists have been featured regularly on tons of blogs (StereogumPop Justice), and print publications (LA Weekly, Philadelphia City Paper, The Metro NYC & Philly, Remix, Spin, Urb and more). 

Justin Paul is also a media arts professor at the Art Institute of Hollywood.  He splits his time between the East Coast, Los Angeles, and sometimes Mars.

Paul Ainsworth – bookings at justinpaul dot com
Los Angeles Office: 323-366-8438

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01/01/16 – Breakfast of Champions – San Francisco, CA
02/06/16 – Records Release Party – Los Angeles, CA

06/04/15 – UNITY – Deep House Inside – Hollywood, CA
07/04/15 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
07/05/15 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
07/10/15 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly  – Philadelphia, PA
07/26/15 – Private Event- Los Angeles, CA
08/01/15 – Private Event – Los Angeles, CA
08/22/15 – Private Event – Los Angeles, CA
10/17/15 – Private Event – Hollywood, CA
10/31/15 – PEX Halloween – Philadelphia, PA
11/14/15 – After Dark DTLA – Los Angeles, CA
12/18/15 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP LA – Los Angeles, CA


01/10/14 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly – Philadelphia, PA
01/11/14 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
03/01/14 – Playloop Studios (Private) – Los Angeles, CA
04/05/14 – Private Event – Los Angeles, CA
05/03/14 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP LA – Los Angeles, CA
05/04/14 – FAMILY AFFAIR / STANDARD HOTEL LA – Los Angeles, CA
06/20/14 – WRITER’S ROOM – Hollywood, CA 
07/05/14 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL 2014 – Darlington, MD
07/06/14 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL 2014 – Darlington, MD

07/11/14 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly – Philadelphia, PA
09/20/14 – PRIVATE POOL PARTY – Los Angeles, CA
09/20/14 – PURPLE LOUNGE – Los Angeles, CA 
10/18/14 – PURPLE 33 – Los Angeles, CA
10/31/14 – PRIVATE EVENT – New York, NY
11/01/14 – PEX HALLOWEEN DECOM – Philadelphia, PA
11/22/14 – PURPLE 33 – Los Angeles, CA
11/14/14 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly – Philadelphia, PA
12/31/14 – PRIVATE EVENT – Los Angeles, CA 

11/10/13 – DISORIENT | DUSTY MIRAGE – Brooklyn, NY
11/08/13 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly – Philadelphia, PA
07/06/13 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
07/05/13 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
06/16/13 – COMPLEX – Los Angeles, CA
06/01/13 – KING KING HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles, CA
03/09/13 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NY
03/08/13 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP Philly. – Philly, PA
02/23/13 – THE FONDA THEATER – Los Angeles, CA
02/16/13 – KING KING HOLLYWOOD – Los Angeles, CA
12/15/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
11/02/12 – ELITE FORCE & JUSTIN PAUL – Los Angeles, CA
10/27/12 – PEX DECOM – Philly, PA
10/20/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
08/11/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
07/14/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
06/30/12 – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
06/29/12  – PEX SUMMER FESTIVAL – Darlington, MD
06/09/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
05/26/12 – LIGHTNING IN A BOTTLE (Zonotopia) Orange County, CA
05/06/12 – FAMILY AFFAIR (Standard Hotel Downtown Rooftop) – Los Angeles, CA
05/05/12 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
04/05/12 – PRIVATE EVENT – Santa Monica, CA
03/23/12 – ROXY THEATER – West Hollywood, CA
02/19/12 – BELASCO THEATER – Los Angeles, CA
02/14/12 – ZANZIBAR – Santa Monica, CA
12/31/11 – PRIVATE EVENT – Hollywood Hills, CA
12/16/11 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP L.A. – Los Angeles, CA
12/08/11 – SOUL By The SEA – Santa Monica, CA
11/12/11 – AREA 33 – Los Angeles, CA
11/23/11 – INFECTED MUSHROOM @ TLA  – Philly
10/29/11 – PEX BATTLESHIP – Camden, NJ
10/14/11 – PEX vs PLAYLOOP – Philly, PA
10/13/11 – TRENTEMOLLER – TLA – Philly, PA

Booking contact:

Paul Ainsworth


Justin Paul is a DJ, recording artist, producer, and label owner. He is the founder of the Philadelphia-based PLAYLOOP RECORDS. A brand that has gained global recognition for innovative and diverse sounds, and an equally forward-thinking lifestyle events. Now headquartered in Los Angeles, Justin is preparing the launch of a new brand and label, UNDERGROUND SOL.

UNDERGROUND SOL takes the forward-looking approach Justin perfected in Philly and adds a dash of classic California cool. The label headquarters are in the legendary Beat stronghold of Venice Beach, and Justin’s studio is located in equally iconic Laurel Canyon. UNDERGROUND SOL is steeped in historical ambience. “Being surrounded by all this history, Underground Sol is like me growing up a little musically, I guess,” Justin adds.

Justin is the protégé of legendary Philadelphia Record Producers King Britt and Dozia Blakey. The electronic pioneers took him under their wing when he moved to Philly. By the time he got to Philadelphia in the mid-1990s, he’d already been spinning for years, with regular gigs and his own show on (WMUL 88.1) the campus radio station of Marshall University.

Under their tutelage, Justin became a mainstay on the Philly, NYC and D.C. club scene. “Red Shift”, his first studio release (Five Six Recordings 2005), was a deep-tech anthem and instant classic. It attracted the attention of techno icon Carl Cox, who debuted it on his Global Sessions BBC Radio show. The following year, Justin turned Playloop, a company he’d founded to sponsor massive house parties on the East Coast into a record label. Its 2007 debut compilation, Playloop Presents Get Into The Loop Vol. 1, got the thumbs up from top electronic music magazines like BigShot, DJ Times, Remix and URB.

Justin has balanced his work as an artist and label owner with his career as an in-demand touring DJ. He’s opened for and played alongside such luminaries as Air, Crystal Method, Deadmau5, Disco Biscuits, Josh Wink, Mstrkrft, Orbital, The Prodigy, Thievery Corporation, Trentemoller and Zero 7. Among his over 2,000 gigs worldwide include appearances at SXSW; the Winter Music Conference; The House of Blues, Sunset Strip; Hollywood’s famed King King; the Fonda Theater, and America’s Best DJ Tour.

In addition, Justin continues to use his network of contacts on both coasts to promote shows and assist fellow artists. He helps empower The Philadelphia Experiment — an underground art party movement that quickly became a collective of musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and other collaborators — and has helped break national acts like Deadmau5 in the mid-Atlantic market.

Justin will now put that background to work with UNDERGROUND SOL’s new stable of artists, as well as his own innovative remixes. Expect to hear lots more from Underground Sol in the coming months – and from Justin Paul. “There’s nothing I love more than playing live for an enthusiastic crowd of people, and creating eclectic electronic music from that energy”.