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David Franz - Underground Sol

David Franz

David Franz is best known as a music producer/songwriter and founder of Underground Sun and Underground Sol. His music has been heard on radios around the world, in prime time TV shows, multi-million dollar movies, and advertisements for Fortune 500 companies. He writes, produces and engineers music for himself under several pseudonyms, as well as a wide range of artists in the Pop, Hip-hop, Rock, R&B, and Electronic genres.

On the Underground Sol label, he is creating remixes of artists he produced on his Underground Sun label, as well as original tracks, mainly in house, dub, disco, and downtempo genres. Being a multi-instrumentalist, he’s adept at playing live drums or making beats, rocking Moog riffs or slapping bass lines, programming virtual synths or rocking an electric guitar solos, even singing and writing lyrics. A musician through and through, he has a tenacious passion for well-written songs, incredible performances, and gorgeous sounds.