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The Model Success

New Release! Justin Paul Presents The Model – Success (Remodel Mix)

If Front 242, NIN, LCD Soundsystem, and INXS created a song together, it might sound like the new single “Success” by Justin Paul Presents THE MODEL. Lead singer Mark Richardson of The Model might be the jaguar/hound dog cousin of a David Bowie/Grace Jones lovechild. His slinky, growling, sometimes androgynous delivery drips with expression and yearning. Of his style, Markie says he internalized all the background music from the ’80s and combined this with heavy influences from Depeche Mode, Kraftwork and Daft Punk.

Justin Paul’s production skills make the Remodel Mix feel urgent, upfront, undeniable. The pounding command of the kick and synthesizers veers towards visions of the industrial electronic sound of the 1980s. There’s plenty of synth wizardry to keep the tech-heads happy (The Model runs their live drum machines through a VHS machine for a vintage sound). With a stash of analog equipment, the textures are rich and constantly developing. The Remodel Mix stands out for being positively hypnotic and the listener is completely drawn in and under the influence. The new single is both retro and futuristic.