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New Release – Justin Paul Presents THE MODEL “I Won’t Be Hanging Out (Remodel Remix)”

LOS ANGELES (July 8th, 2016) – The time is ripe for fresh live electronic 80s influenced dance music. Think INXS and Bowie, but with a modern electronic twist. “I Won’t Be Hanging Out” is an example of uber cool indie electronic at its best, a trip backwards on an aural time machine. There’s plenty of synth wizardry to keep the tech-heads happy (The Model runs their live drum machines through a VHS machine for a vintage sound).

With a giant stash of analog equipment, the textures are rich and constantly developing. Justin Paul’s production skills make the Remodel Mix feel urgent, upfront, undeniable. The cold command of the synthesizers veers towards electro as visions of tastemakers in skinny ties and Debbie Harry lookalikes dance across the mind’s eye. The Remodel Mix is characterized by the signature synth intro accompanied by an alert beat. The break on this edit builds with more synth fury than on the Album Version. The Remodel Mix stands out for being positively hypnotic and the listener is completely drawn in and under the influence. The new single is both retro and futuristic.

  1. david

    8 years ago

    Really diggin this track!