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The Model

The word “unique” is used too easily when describing singers. It seems that “unique” is just a better spin on “abrasive,” “annoying,” or “hard to connect with.” It’s been ages since I’ve heard a voice that is both unique and engaging, but lead singer Markie of The Model is the possessor of this kind of voice. As I listened to “Physical,” I thought he might be the jaguar/hound dog cousin of a David Bowie/Grace Jones lovechild. His slinky, growling, sometimes androgynous delivery drips with expression and yearning. Of his style, Markie says he internalized all the background music from the ’80s and combined this with heavy influences from Depeche Mode, Kraftwork and Daft Punk. “Physical” showcases Markie’s vocal depth on a frolic through outright dance-pop to fashion show soundtrack. “Physical” hits its high point on “Success,” with Markie’s dangerously seductive growls tying together a slightly disorienting assault of swirling synths. The Model is paired perfectly with steamy after parties, questionable motives, and the strange vagaries of urban life in the 21st century. – Noah, Plug-In Music